Manitou Cave of Alabama, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit

Manitou Cave was a tourist attraction for decades that closed in 1979. The former visitors building has good bones, and is made of concrete, rock, and steel. It is historic in its own right, and will be part of our conservation effort, rehabilitated into a new Education Center and beautiful meeting space. The building sits a top a field overlooking the spring fed pond teaming with wildlife. It will house articles of cave history, books, feature maps, and serve as the administrative office, and function as Manitou Cave hospitality and meeting room.

Your help is needed to save this historic structure, the former Manitou Cave Visitors Center which has been designated as 2016 “Places in Peril’ by the Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation. Rehabilitation of this historic building is crucial to accomplish the mission. The immediate fundraising goal is to create a multipurpose Education Center to be used for meetings, lectures, and retreats. It will also function as a welcome center for visitors to the cave or to the property for educational workshops and Special Events. The Education Center will also house an office and will provide safety for the cave, property, and visitors. Rehabilitation will include on-site electricity, a multipurpose meeting room, office space, kitchenette, and restroom facilities. 
Your DONATION TODAY will be used to facilitate the rehabilitation of this historic structure, so that the Mission of Manitou Cave of Alabama, a natural treasure, can be fulfilled.
                                                             ~to protect, preserve, conserve, educate
                          Please join the crucial effort to preserve Manitou Cave.  We THANK YOU for your interest and support.

What can you do?
Help us to preserve history. 
 Create the Manitou Cave Education Center! 

Your donation will help us in making the Visitor Center a reality and facilitate our Mission:

to protect, preserve, conserve, and educate
Manitou Cave, a national treasure

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